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Ammar Consulting Office

Through 33 years of experience the office provides all kinds of consulting services in integrated designs

Architecture, working drawings, details, workshop drawings, interior architecture, decoration, furniture, landscape, planning and plot section, civil, electricity, air conditioning, sanitation, specialized works and Architectural Competitions.

Why choose us?

Providing maximum benefits and possible benefits for our valued customers, which achieve the most profitable successful investments for them.

Design and implementation of a beautiful, healthy, safe and successful building. Attempting to apply concept of sustainability and green architecture, as much as possible, which is the area of specialty for Dr. Engineer Mohamed Ammar, and educating customers on the importance of this.

Provide advice

In all engineering fields through a group of specialized consultants group of specialized consultants

Designing and planning works

Planning, architectural, decor, interior, brushes, coordinating sites and gardens, architectural rendering and color graphics, architectural contexts.

Auxiliary designs works

Construction, electricity, air conditioning, sanitary, roads, surveying area, specialized works (swimming pools, kitchens, and leg sinks

Execution and integrated contracting works

It Includes the construction works of the buildings completely from the foundation stage the concrete structure finishing, decoration work design aria interior furnishing, coordination of sites and gardens, and swimming pools.

Green architecture and Sustainable buildings

The green architecture is known as a style of design, construction, operation and management of buildings and projects (especially large) on the basis of minimizing or reducing the negative effects of building on the environment, so as to provide the needs of the present without losing sight of the right of future generations of environmental resources…

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